Raquel Vincent is a seasoned creative professional with extensive experience in digital marketing strategy, brand management, social media management, content creation, creative direction, event production, fundraising, and public speaking. 

Raquel works as a freelance consultant and coach for nonprofits, startups, and emerging creative brands. She is based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Born into a nomadic and creative family, Raquel has developed the kind of interpersonal skills and social intelligence that allows her to connect with anyone. The oldest child to Air Force parents, Raquel quickly learned to adapt to new environments and cultures, a skill which has served her well throughout her career.

Raquel attended Texas Christian University where she majored in Advertising + Public Relations before transferring to The University of Texas at San Antonio where she completed her bachelor's degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology. As an undergrad, she collected vast experience as a public affairs intern for a large government organization, an events intern for Dress for Success, and then as an account intern at Gotham Public Relations in NYC. 

After graduation, Raquel returned to New York to cut her teeth as a contributing beauty writer for a lifestyle blog. It wasn't long before San Antonio called her back home and she began her nonprofit career as a development assistant before moving up the ranks as a highly skilled communicator and storyteller. Her nonprofit work would bring her to KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth (KIPP DFW), where she began her work with one of the largest education nonprofits in the country. 

During her time at KIPP DFW, Raquel was invited to work on the team responsible for content and programming for Summit Outside, an exclusive, invitation-only event which brought entrepreneurs, creatives, and celebrities together for an unforgettable experience atop Powder Mountain in bucolic Eden, Utah. While working on the event, Raquel was introduced to the spirit of entrepreneurship and a life beyond the corporate ladder. Inspired by her incredible teammates and the founders of Summit, she returned to Dallas with the intention of recreating the professional experience she had at Summit Outside. Lunch with a mentor turned into an introduction to Gabriella Draney, the founder of Dallas-based startup accelerator, Tech Wildcatters. Over the next several weeks, Raquel would go on to join the team at Tech Wildcatters and their spin-off accelerator, Health Wildcatters full-time. 

After spending a year and a half working diligently for the Wildcatters accelerators and developing organic relationships with the companies in the program, many alumni began reaching out to Raquel for freelance services. The opportunities were so great that Raquel was able to step out on her own as a freelance consultant and would go on to work with startups including GruupMeet, whichbox® Media, Launch DFW, and signed on her former employer, Health Wildcatters as one of her first major clients. 

Inspired by the rapidly expanding entrepreneurial and creative ecosystem in Brooklyn, Raquel returned to the East Coast in the summer of 2016 with the goal of working with larger clients, consumer brands, and emerging brands in the creative space. She also joined forces with colleague Lauren Zeien to be the Chief Creative and NYC based lead for Project Halcyon

When not working, Raquel spends her time working on personal creative projects, visiting museums and art galleries, exploring Brooklyn, and socializing with her eclectic and inspiring group of friends. She counts music festivals and tacos among her greatest loves.